Friday, July 30, 2010

bound and gagged

The woman with a face

like dull darkness

bent over at the waist

and her short skirt

got even shorter.

She gave me her hand,

I gave her something else.

She pressed her body against me.

I was embarrassed that

I couldn't think of anything

else to do

so I picked up my camera.

I was furious that

I couldnt kick the habit.

It was unnatural.

It was absurd.

I sat down across the table.

She crossed her legs

and they fell off her body.

I took a picture of them

and had no repentance,

not even an apology.

She laughed.

It was terribly funny.

I felt crushed.

I dropped my camera

...... again.

Without saying a word

her skin began to

crumble off her face.

That gave me bad gas.

My stomach was bloated.

I was in a pure state

of morbid illness.