Thursday, July 22, 2010

a blond in a red dress.

a blond in a black dress.

driving around giving hand jobs in the front seat.

pulled into an alley give a blow job in the back seat of big box chains.

big box stores.

it's an art.

cold coffee coffee black fat belly pulled tight with a body glove.

black belt unbutton your pants fake it.

it's not hot.

i dont feel sweaty.

it doesnt itch.

it's perfect to hide bra bulge.

back fat.

be still.

take a gun and shoot me and bury me just like you.

the curse of death?

death is not a curse.

death is the other side of the plug nickle.

the coin.

the two sides of the story.

open and shut case.

slam dunk.

over and out.

all washed up.

clean up your act.

get a bite to eat.

dont stop now.

first come first served.

the master and the servant.

yesterday today and tomorrow.

get a lawyer and get it done.

catch a falling star.

it's all over now.

not a moment too soon.

red high heels.

call it quits.